Tileable Steam Room Mitred Seat - Buckingham

Tileable Steam Room Mitred Seat - Buckingham

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Tileable Steam Room Mitred Seat - Buckingham

Tileable Steam Room Mitred Seat - Buckingham

Product description

The Buckingham Range

The Buckhingham range offers a naturally organic shape which is aethetically pleasing to the eye and is a best seller amongst steam room sections. Seats can be supplied with or without heating elements and supplied heated either electrically or water-based. The end profile can be finished with armrests or for a more organic look, a rounded return end in large or small. 

Dimension of the mitred seat: 1200mm x 1200mm x 964mm

Lasting Technology

These tilable steam room seats are incredibly robust, cut, sliced, scalloped, trimmed, and molded using the very latest CNC and hotwire technology. The supplier PCS have been manufacturing spa room environments since 2006 and have acquired a wealth of manufacturing experience ever since.

Key features of the steam room sections:

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Heat Reistant up to 75° Centigrade
  • Tile Ready
  • 30 Ton Compressive Strength
  • Mould Resistant

Foam & Coating

Their standard spa seating profiles are manufactured from high-density polystyrene foam and designed with rigidity in mind with a compressive strength of 300kPa.

The EPS High Density Rigit foam core of the seating units have a factory applied coating which has been specially developed to offer an extremely hard, durable surface. This coating is a high polymer modified cementitious screed, which encapsulates a glass fibre reinforcement mesh for added strength. 


The standard profiles are aethetically pleasing, adaptable and are supplied heated and unheated with a ready-to-tile finish.