What is a Tepidarium?


The history of the tepidarium dates back to Roman bathing culture, where it served as a room for lukewarm baths. It connected the hot caldarium and the cold frigidarium. Unlike traditional saunas with higher humidity, the tepidarium has a gentle heat and lower humidity, similar to normal body temperature. Today, it is used as a milder form of a traditional sauna, offering a relaxing experience that puts less strain on the cardiovascular system.

Tepidarium is a specially designed relaxation room that has a temperature between +35-40°C. Tepidarium derives from the Latin word “tepidus,” which means lukewarm. A tepidarium traditionally features stone, marble or ceramic tile surfaces and heated  loungers. The room is relatively dry with a humidity level of approximately 20%. 


Potential health benefits of tepidarium:

  • Release muscle tension
  • Stress release through relaxation
  • Improved circulation


A visit to the tepidarium usually lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is common to relax in the tepidarium before and after a sauna or steam room. The milder heat is also a great option for individuals who find the hotter room climate of a traditional sauna unpleasant.


Tepidarium Installations

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