PCS Waterproofing Paste 5kg

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PCS Waterproofing Paste 5kg

PCS Waterproofing Paste 5kg

Product description

WaterproofingPaste is a solvent-free sealing compound based on styrene-butadiene resin technology and is applied to the substrate using a suitable roller or brush. When fully cured, the WaterproofingPaste is impermeable to water and also provides high level of resistance to moisture vapour. During application, the product is odourless and dries rapidly.

Technical specifications:

Viscosity: Value > + 5°C 13,000 mPa·s REV. 05.01

Application temperature:

Density: 1.5 g/cm³

Solid content: 73 %

pH-value: 8.5

Minimum coat thickness dry: 0.5 mm

European Technical Approval ETA-08/0250 Test Certificate No. P-AB 069-03 MPA BS Test Certificate No. P-DD 4030/01/2008 Bautest Dresden For professional sealing and waterproofing of areas under ceramic/porcelain and natural stone tiles. It is suited for environments subject to water contact such as wet rooms, changing rooms, steam rooms etc. Application must be on the positive side of the water.

Volume: 5kg