Drop Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa by Drop Design Pool
Drop Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa by Drop Design Pool
Drop Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa by Drop Design Pool
Drop Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa by Drop Design Pool
Drop Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa by Drop Design Pool

Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Hot Tub by Drop Spa

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Colour: White
Product description

About DROP Pisara Wood-Burning Outdoor Spa

Drop Pisara outdoor spa represents the design and the name of the company, Pisara”, which is drop in Finnish. The first Drop spa pools came with a wood burning stove, which was the only heating method for the first Drop pools. The Pisara model is what started everything.

The Pisara hot tub has an incredibly efficient and stylish black box stove, which offers a heating time that only the top of the industry offers. The hot tub heats up in approximately 2 hours. The bathers can sense the heat of the stove, the smell of the chopped firewood and the atmospheric flames behind the stove’s glass door. Pisara takes a traditional hot tub experience a little further. Shaped like a water drop, the Drop Design hot tubs are inspired by Finland’s nature and integrate seamlessly into any outdoor space. The spas can be embedded in a terrace for spaces where a discreet look is desired. 

About our Supplier - Drop

From the land of a thousand lakes with superior ease and comfort of use. Drop Spa was designed by Nikolai Ruola, who was inspired by the Finnish nature. Drop has received valued awards in Finland and abroad, including the “Design Deed of the Year” in 2015 and more recently the first prize of the Golden Wave 2022 Design Award. The Drop Design products’ innovative composition and superior quality meet the highest standards. The spas are meant to be used year-round and bring luxury to outdoor living.

The high-quality Drop outdoor spas can be used in every weather. The products are designed and crafted in Finland, taking the weather conditions into consideration. Drop creates user-friendly outdoor jacuzzies with a focus on aesthetics and high quality. Their spas blend seamlessly with all spaces and exteriors, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to the everyday life. The Drop outdoor spas are durable, low-maintenance and always bath ready.




It’s important to keep your spa clean and hygienic. Drop Spas are equipped with filtration, ozonisation and UV-systems, which play an important role in maintenance and ensuring longevity of the jacuzzies. Using the right chemicals is essential to support the system. The Drop Lampi comes with a starter-kit, that allows you to get with the regular maintenance and upkeep of the water in your Drop Spa from the start.


*The add-on-feature ControlMySpa™ is a smartphone app that enables you to monitor and adjust your Drop temperatures anywhere at any time.



People Capacity


Side Length

*220 cm

Inner Diameter

*195 cm


*105 cm

Immersion Depth

*97 cm

Water Capacity

1830 L

Water Use

1000-1500 L


Acrylic/ reinforced plastic

Weight of the Pool

Approx. 240 kg (when empty);

Weight of the Stove


* +/- 0.5 cm 


Contents of the Pool Package:

  • Drop spa pool in white, grey or black
  • Pressure-treated wooden frame
  • 35kW Black Box Stove
  • Chimney and protective grill,
  • Ash spade
  • All necessary hoses and clamps for the stove
  • LED pool light
  • Insulation cover

Additional Information:

The pool is emptied with a drainage pump.


The wood-heated Drop PIsara doesn't have a filtration system, so it is recommended to change the watre of each use.