Avantopool Cold Water Plunge Kinos - Care Package
Avantopool Cold Water Plunge Kinos - Care Package
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Avantopool Cold Water Plunge Kinos - Care Package

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Avantopool Cold Water Plunge Kinos - Care Package

Avantopool Cold Water Plunge Kinos - Care Package

Product description

About KINOS Cold Water Pool by Avantopool - Care Package

The Kinos pool is revolutionary in cold recovery. Avantopool Kinos is the first mobile cold pool on the market able to deliver high-quality cold recovery and cold-water treatments in your own home. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and install almost anywhere. With sturdy adjustable legs, the pool can be easily fitted to the floor slope in wet spaces. The Avantopool Kinos makes a great addition to spas, health-clubs, fitness centres or your home.

Contents of the Avantopool Kinos Care Package

    • 5 extra filters
    • Submersible pump & hose
    • Water quality test strips (50 pcs)
    • Cleaning sponge pack

About Avantopool

Pure cold with the best technology. Finns are experts when it comes to cold. The health benefits of ice swimming and dipping into the snow or lake to cool off during the sauna were realized long ago. Unsurprisingly, the world’s most advanced cold pools come from Finland.

The portable Avantopool cold pools bring the benefits of ice swimming to everyone, everywhere. They are always ready-to-use, and you can adjust the clean water to your desired temperature with the touch of a button. Avantopool brings the ice swimmers’ paradise, the hole in the ice, into the gym, your sports team’s locker room, the workplace or home- all year round.

Cold recovery and water therapy made easy - 5 key contributing features

  1. Natural Wellbeing
  2. Clean water, always at your desired temperature
  3. Portable, user friendly and energy efficient
  4. Professional cold recovery and water therapy for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  5. Temperature range +4°C to +38°C - suitable also for heat treatment