Turkish Hammam

Commercial and Domestic Turkish Hammam Installation

What is Turkish Hammam?

Turkish Hammams are an interesting, unique thermal journey with a fascinating history. Done properly, this experience is a multi-phase bathing experience that is enjoyed by all ages and genders. With its origins coming from the continuation of Roman bathing in the Eastern Roman Empire following the collapse of the Roman Empire proper, Hammam evolved over the centuries with middle eastern influence and expanded throughout the Islamic world, notably the North African coast from Egypt to Morocco, throughout the Levant and across Turkey with the Ottoman Empire.

Made popular in the West by Victorians, curious about new experiences and fascinated by Orientalism, Hammam seeded the many Turkish Bath Houses that became so popular, some of which can still be enjoyed today. Hammams typically had multiple bathing areas at different temperatures with a range of hot and humid rooms in which you could wash yourself or be scrubbed down or massaged by a hammam attendant. Modern Hammams form part of a more diverse thermal journey and are usually a single dedicated steam room with loungers and a tap and bowl or hose for washing water following a scrub/exfoliation treatment. Often hammams follow a more eastern influenced design and material pallet, but don’t have to be.

Bespoke Turkish Hammam Design and Installation Service

Whether you are looking for a single bespoke hammam treatment room in a private domestic residence, or looking to build a vast Turkish Baths as part of a commercial spa development, Cloud Nine Steam are here to help.

Our expert team of designers will be able to work with you to design the facilities to suit your aesthetic preferences, usage requirements and budget. We boast a wide array of material options and hardware to cater to a whole range of tastes, from discreet, minimalist and modern, to colourful or distinctly middle eastern and Arabian.

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To truly experience Hammam, we advise you slightly heat the seating using an electric heating system.

Steam Generator

The Steam Generator is the heart of the Hammam and is used to fill the room with steam and bring it up to temperature

Health Benefits of Turkish Hammam

Hammam has antibacterial benefits, softens the skin and nourishes. Some additional health benefits include:

- Boosting the immune system

- Rejuvenate the body

- Relaxes the mind and body