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Domestic and Commercial Steam Room Installation

What is a Steam Room?

A steam room is a name covering a wide array of thermal steam bathing experiences. The phrase steam room is usually associated with a tiled wet room filled with a steam from a steam generator (typically electrically powered). Steam rooms are typically formed of a mosaic tiled bench section, tiled walls and floor, with a floor drain, a glass door in aluminium or other non-corrosive material frame, a steam niche from which the steam is created, and a steam generator mounted in the space adjacent. Temperatures usually sit at around 40-50 degrees Celsius (110 to 120 Fahrenheit) and generally as close to 100% humidity as possible.

Most domestic and commercial steam room installations follow a formulaic layout, though the options for steam rooms design and styling and in turn cost, can be very diverse. Key considerations for designing steam rooms include whether to have heated benches or not, requirement for high humidity ventilation and extraction to ensure fresh air circulation, the size and type of steam generator and the type of mosaics and tiles.

Steam Room Installations

At Cloud Nine Steam we boast a truly wide array of style and design options for our steam room installations. Using EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) modules, we can create steam room pods with all manner of shapes, from curvy body forms with fine mosaics to straight clean lines with large format tiles. We can build heated loungers to treatment tables, all designed to suit your space and any wellness treatments you are hoping to provide. Cloud Nine Steam only works with high quality producers of steam equipment, hardware and materials, vowing that we will always build things to last.

Treatments: Schmeissing, Gua Sha massage

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Aesthetically pleasing steam room benching with or without heating.

Steam Generators

Various sized electric steam generators to suit different designs. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into both large, commercial grade wellness centres and spas, as well as cosy and compact home steam rooms.


Stylish and convenient controlling options for your steam room.

Cloud Nine Steam - Hammam Treatment

Health Benefits

Steam rooms are enclosed spaces filled with steam, typically found in gyms or spas to aid with relaxation or relieve medical conditions. Some additional health benefits include:

- Workout recovery

- Improving skin health

- Clearing congestion